Fear affects our perception and decision- making

Do you have any fears..?So do I! Somebody somewhere described fear as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. I will absolutely won’t squabble with them. Fear has made you who you are. Fear has crushed all your dreams…all your goals…all that you’ve been thinking of. Fear has also grasped the destiny you had. It has grasped it so snugly that it has made you to fear more than before! Fear has piled on fear and sometimes has made us fear the fear!
You’ve silently fallen in the blue ocean with that ‘skirt’. She is too charming such that “you doubt if she ever visits the toilet” But where do you begin? “How do I approach her? But she may go red such that I’m scared! Maybe I employ the aid of her best pal? No no, she also seems to be in the same bus as HER. But I keep dreaming of her! So what do I do? She comes from a well-off locale while I come from those bushes, raised by the power of porridge. I sleep on goat’s skin…she sleeps on queen-size pillows. Oh my! I was just forgetting her dad is a retired military!! I’d rather look for someone my caliber we match other than running away from her dad’s bullets!!” LAD! SHE COULD HAVE RESPONDED POSITIVELY BUT ‘FEAR ‘LET YOU DOWN!!!
You’ve just got some bulk of cash. You are in a dilemma. “Oh! I just got some cash. I’ve been dreaming of making that dream a reality…opening that business and start earning some cash. ‘They’ will now know who I ‘am…all over the villages” But there comes your nemesis…it’s there to curtail your dreams and you’ve got nothing to do to recoil from it. All that trek you’ve been through such that you’re now a step into the hub of your dreams. FEAR! “I may open it and then it may come to haunt me. It can be a complete disappointment… But I don’t have any skills to handle this venture I’m dreaming of. Ok, let me say I’ve opened it and it’s been a hit. How will I manage it? It may come to plunge in the near future!” Now you see. You see how FEAR is taunting what could otherwise have been a success tale. You’ve time-honored fear as part of your living and it won’t stop playing its fraction!
Fear has been the sheer and core factor behind our collapse. We feel like we have no prospect of making it to ensue. He could have healed from such a mere accident but FEAR took away his darling life. Fear has affected our decision making, the way we act and the way we react. Fear has influenced our perception of things in life. Fear of rejection made you not to approach that ‘skirt’. Fear has shattered you mental behavior. You feel insecure because of fear. You’ve got the correct measures from your mind, but you fear putting them into practice. Fear has been your downfall…plummeting your future like an avalanche… Making you lose the fruits you were destined to make a bite into!!
It’s time you lash out the ego from you. Dash past it and let it make no gulley on your destiny. Pretend you know nothing of it. Be daring and have the mood of a warrior at all times. You’ve got a nice destiny but unless you cast out you fears you will never see it!! You have your own fears, so do I! I’m in the process, so should you!!
By Symon Tokaly.


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