When feelings go beyond this man’s medulla.

Here the much hyped English Premier League is back. We are approaching match week 6 and we’ve already seen records broken and set,history made from the already 5 matches now dead! This is gonna be a big match week with the London derby between the Blue Army and the Gunners set to kick off…a derby between two rival managers..a derby too interesting to watch..a derby to reckon. Gunners fans won’t forget the 6-0 demolition in favour of the Blues in the last seasons..a demolition that has left many Gunners fans without peace whenever the presence of a Blue fan is felt. And there also comes a single consolation from the Gunners..the Community shield defeat to The Blues plus the fact that the Blue Army is under siege.I’ve got few hopes for my Blue Army but would like to warn somebody out there that the Blue Army just shattered somebody Maccabi Tel-Aviv 4-0 in the first leg of the Champions league! Just a warning..be cautious coz history (6-0 demolition) may repeat itself! Looking forward to this weekend! LOL!..the photo below! A man who won’t  contain his feelings…calls himself “professor” LOL! ramps do nothing.Remember the dog that barks the loudest……….wish u know!!!!



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