The Sorcerer… I Wonder What You Gain Out Of This!

(Based On a True Story)
Ouch! The pain all over my body again? Just like the morning of the other day! How come it was early dawn and I was having a hell of feeling like that? What the hell was happening to me? The whole of my joints under siege! Jesus Christ! I couldn’t even make a movement from my bed and I could hear my mum calling out! “Ye…s, but I couldn’t barely finish out the reply. What another hell! My voice had gone hoarse too! Never had I experienced that throughout my life! Just heard stories of such sort but I thought it was a holy shit of misconception. I tried my best and bend from inside my blanket head down facing the pillows. I made a short prayer.
“I fail to understand you since yesterday! You’ve just decided to provoke me these days, haven’t you? You are such a nuisance! You take years to respond my calls and you wake up such late? Can you please wake up and do your part! Or is it this shit of blanket that’s keeping you in here? Unless I strip it off, my irate mum who had just stormed the room roared out. She forcefully dragged away the blanket I was in cover with but what a hell! I’m out of my under wears! My mum had hastily vanished out at the speed of lightning! She seemed to not have understood what was happening: neither did I understand the same!
Unbelievably, I found my missing under wears under my bed! Out of rage, I burnt them. I saw my mixed up mum sitting on our doorstep. She called me and I went and sat just next to her. She asked me what was going on. I failed to give back an answer because I myself did not understand what was going on! This was the second day such happened! However, I narrated to her all what I had been experiencing throughout my sleep. She was really a mixed up woman who seemed eager to know what was going on. “Oh my poor son! You are under siege from the dark forces…the sorcerers! And they are not from far. Just round here! We need to seek urgent resolution from Father Francis right away. We late and this develops to a lethal issue out of control. Go and change your clothes we go right away” my mum ordered. Out of rage and fury at the spell of them…sorcerers… I decided to firstly find a direct resolution but in style. I told my mum I was not accompanying her out of accusation that I was sick. She decided to leave me back home.
“Hey you there! You unscrupulous fool! You better listen to me right now because this is my first and last alarm!” I had begun to bark to everyone all through the villages that crack of dawn. “Do you really have work to do? How will you hover around in the night disconcerting above suspicion beings all throughout? What do you gross out of that? Yesterday I woke up under my bed instead of on my bed, totally stripped off and with mud throughout my legs. Not only that, I felt throbbing pain all over my body with blisters all over my palms. I was told you labored me on your farm without pay! How could you do such immoral deeds? Nevertheless, today I woke up just exactly in the same state. Pain all over my body. I’m innocent, aren’t I? The why me? Imagine my under wears stripped off my body and dropped under my bed! What does that mean? Don’t you have work to do instead of flying around all night disturbing people’s sleep? You are cursed! Ok, let me then warn you today since that was my main agenda. If you haven’t received a thorough fight throughout your life, then I bet you are just a step closer to get one! I’m sure you are listening to me. Come again tonight and I’ll show you what a fighter I am! You’ll never forget that time in your life. I’m welcoming you officially tonight…not those non-official visits you make always. I hope you’ve heard me right. Wicked fool!” I roared to the villages.
The next day was one I won’t forget for life! I woke up to a horror of mess! Mess like hell! The pain in my body was unbearable. I got sense and what I smell was hell! The room was stinking like a decomposing dead cat! I thought I had been farting to myself throughout the night. Holding and squeezing my nose tight, I decided to gain courage and see what was wrong. Oh my, the thousands of flies buzzing in the room was quite a horrendous scene…and then I saw what I did not expect! Huge mountains of human stool on every corner of my room! Mind you, they used my only best pair of shirt and trouser as tissue paper! They tore it into pieces! I almost shouted out loud but then, I found it nonsense. I had caused this myself. Only if I knew, I would not have gone aloud shouting to the sorcerers throughout villages yesterday!
A knock on the door brought me back to my senses. I opened the door with panic only to realize that it was mum and my older sister on the doorway waiting to know what was going on. Their palms covered their noses. “What the hell stinks from your room?” my mum asked. I ushered them the way in to witness for themselves. Just before they got deeper, they came out at the speed of light. My sister initiated a small laughter which caught the attention of mum. They exploded into a spirited laughter. I chose to join them. We looked like fools. Three lunatics. “I learnt from your sister that you went round the villages roaring to people like an insane. You provoked the dark powers…the sorcerers. That’s not how you deal with them. Today is Sunday and we are going to get resolution for this. Father Francis told me he will be accompanying us here after service for prayers and seeking of resolution. Go put on your only remaining pair we go to church. You are lucky they didn’t see it. Next time, don’t take action from your hands” my mum advised me.
I decided to accompany them to church to see the man of God. I was a furious and mixed person. Fortunately, resolution was found. I can’t stand with sorcerers throughout my life! But there is still a question that I need an answer from them. WHAT DO THEY GAIN OUT OF THIS?


The Tale of a Young African Boy.

A young African boy saves his people from the shackles of drought as he defeats the ring leader of a rebel group(The Ngangaris) that restricted them from grazing their cattle on their only remaining grazing field.Just hit the link in here to open the file and enjoy reading through.Note:If the file fails to open and asks you for a password, use “simo” as the password to open it.Nice reading!! thetaleofayoungafricanboybysymotokali