Facts about the elephants of Tsavo-Kenya.

Did you knew any of these facts about the red elephants of Tsavo?

1)The red colour is not actually their original colour.This is generated after pouring the red soils of Tsavo national park all over their body to cool it from the harsh conditions!

2)These mammals know alot science!These elephants really behave like dignified beings! When a member of their family falls sick,they uproot roots of herbal significance they know best and feed the sick!

3)They have great feelings for their young ones.If you want to see an elephant’s fury,then It’s that time It’s young one by mistake goes missing!!It’s fury leads to endless fights with other elephants either big or small and also uprooting of any trees on its way!!Quite surprising!

4)It has two memories,one on the left side of the body and one on the right side.The one on the left controls the right parts of the elephants body.This memory is not very much active unlike the one on the right side controlling the left body parts.As so,most poachers attack the elephant by shooting it on it’s right hand side body part which has poor memory hence easily kills them!!



Quite desperate!!

I sometimes feel like dropping tears when I see people too desperate like they’ve lost hope in life.See this guys here and if you don’t drop even a single tear or feel sympathetic for them then you are not a full human being!You don’t fit your heart.Oh my!Carzola and Monreal!!Poleni.Life inakua hivi.I blame Siggurdson and Bafetimbi Gomis for this!They are ruthless!!